Percentage Chit Fund Software

we can split the single ticket into more than one ticket based on percentage. for example ( 1 ticket 100% = 2 ticket (50% + 50%) , here we split single ticket into two tickets . Here split ticket bid amount, dividend, prized amount, Due amount every thing is allocated based on percentage.
Chit company have manage the chit subscriber based on percentage, here low level earning customer to high level earning customer are combined together and running the single chit group. Chit company can combine the group chit subscriber in a simple way with out any risk. A small level chit company are conducted the this type of chit fund formats.
here chit company are conducted the as usual auction, bidding, minutes, token systems, agent commission, Percentage based model only the difference between the normal chit fund groups. this chit fund model are getting full credits to only chit company. easy to organize the chit subscribers with out any chit group dummy tickets.

Genericchit- Chit Fund Software

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