Features & Overviews

Generic software Features are perfectly match the business requirements.Online access to members or subscribers, Integrate with your existing website.Manage multiple branches from one location to any location.

  • World Wide Access

    Generic software globally can access from world wide

  • Desktop Application

    Generic software provide offline softwares .

  • Cost Effective

    Generic provide cost effective Quality, & Best softwares

  • Easy to Customize

    Generic software can customize for customer requirments.

  • Android Mobile Apps

    Generic Apps is anywhere location access & make bills also.

  • Cloud Based Software

    Generic provide cloud based softwares for our customers.

  • Highly Secure

    Generic software are highly productive, Reliable, secure softwares & databases

  • Terminal Machine Collection Integration

    Generic software simplify the work for our customers.

chit fund management software

Chit Fund Management Software

Generic Chit Fund Software is six different types. It is for Chit fund software, online chit fund software, Mobile Application software, Open Chitfund, Fixed Chitfund,Percentage Based Chitfund

finance daily collection software

Finance Daily Collection Software

By having this software we asure you that it will be your convineance and perform like a master of application and also it help you to take to a new future of sucess

deepavali fund software

Deepavali Fund Software

Deepavali sweets fund, which has a specific end date - about a week before Deepavali. Neighbourhood ladies will get together to pool their savings each week.This fund will be used to prepare sweets in bulk just before the Deepavali festival.


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