Generic Chit Fund Software

Generic chit is a cutting edge Chit Fund Management Software, specially designed for Chit Fund Companies, developed by the experts with more than 10 years of Chit Funds experience. Generic is a fully loaded application which integrates all your Chit Fund Activities.

Generic chit fund software helps you to run a paperless office. It was developed with full data security and built on the latest technology.

Integrated with Digital Collection Assistant which simplifies the collection process and easily integrates with the main core application.

Generic chit fund software provide more facilities, Cloud server software provide to chit company more facilities. Software have more reliable, Secure, error free, Constant Performance any time, available at anywhere.

Cloud server can access Desktop application, ERP ￿ Online Application, Mobile Application. Software support to all type of application. software provide a SMS, Terminal Collection Machine, Intimation Card, Android app for customer, agent and admin .

Generic chit fund software provide accuracy statement to customer, Software have more accountability. Automatically provide all audit purpose statement on every year, software maintain a customer history of life time. Chit company can judge the every customer in simple way of chit history report.