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Generic's Software is a cutting edge Chit Fund Management Software, specially designed for Chit Fund Companies by the experts with more than 10 years of Chit Funds experience. Generic's Software is a fully loaded application which integrates all your Chit Fund Activities. Generic's Software helps you to run a paperless office.

It was developed with full data security and built on the latest .Net technology. Generic's Software features a rich User Interface, Financial Accounting, Multi Branch Management, Customer Relationship Management, Real-time Reports, Web Integrated Customer Reports, SMS Gateway Integration, Biometric Employee Attendance, Digital Collection Assistant, Payment Gateway Integration to name a few. Generic's Software is integrated with Digital Collection Assistant which simplifies the collection process and easily integrates with the main core application.


Multiple Branches

Manage multiple branches from one location to any location.

Cost Effective

The Most Efficient & Cost Saving Way to manage your Chit.

Website Integration

Online access to members or subscribers, Integrate with your existing website.

Work from anywhere

You can manage your Chit Fund activities from anywhere, anytime. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. Its that simple!

SMS Alerts and Intimation

Send Intimation/Auction Details through SMS/email. SMS notifications will add one more advantage to chit fund business and will help your resource be in advance of the competitors.

Transparency & Client Satisfaction

Transparency to subscriber-Leads to confidence With Client Satisfaction Increase Business with Peace of Mind.

Member/Group Management

Member management is easy. Member information is taken only once, when first time member comes.

Prize & Intimation Management

Chit prize management is easy, we can enter discount amount and system will perform all necessary task like distribution of discount amount to all members. .

Subscription Cheque Management

Subscription entry is simple and straightforward. If member have more than one chits from different groups subscription can be done for that.

Our Services

Rich User Interface

Generic Chit fund is a cutting edge Chit Fund Management Software, specially designed for Chit Fund Companies by the experts with more than 5 years of Chit Funds experience.

Cutting Edge Solution

Our expertised fully loaded Chit Fund Application helps you to run a paper less office with high performance and reduces your running cost to a good extent.

Centralized Administration

generic Chit fund software helps you to manage Multiple Branches, Financial Accounting, Chit Groups.

Decision Support

Our featured MIS Reports helps you to drill the reports and pull various information to take timely decision.


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