Cloud-Based Access to POS Systems

Generic Technology integrates with Micros, Aloha, and Positouch POS systems via a single JSON API. The functionality and data model is normalized across multiple POS systems, so you only have to integrate once. And Detailed POS sales data retrieved securely and in real-time

Secure, Scalable and Easy to Manage

Boasting bank-level encryption, Omnivore is stocked with a team of security experts and is soon to be PCI-DSS 3.0 compliant. Our infrastructure has automated failover and scales as you grow, so your operations are never impacted.

Installation takes less than 30 seconds. Once installed, you'll have a set of cloud-based dashboards and API tools for easy integration and management.

  • One of the biggest stumbling blocks to a smooth POS integration — or integration of any technology type — is connecting disparate systems. Trying to get different systems to talk to one another takes time and financial investment for both the operators and the vendors involved.

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POS Integration Becoming a "Must Have"

POS operators are increasingly seeking to integrate a variety of capabilities into their point-of-sale (POS) systems. According to Hospitality Technology’s 2014 Restaurant Technology Study, foodservice operators cite integration as a major business driver influencing their next POS upgrade. Integration between systems opens up capabilities on both the operations side, including kitchen efficiency and better intelligence, and the customer-facing side, such as mobile and online ordering, and more sophisticated loyalty programs.

  • Cloud technology is making the prospect of integration easier for operators as more owners are looking to above-property hosting systems. “We started the process of researching POS providers two years ago knowing we needed to move away from the traditional client-server or electronic cash register system,” says Thomas. “We needed to upgrade our POS and wanted to leverage the cloud to have one point of contact, which makes it easier.”

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Customized POS Integrations

Generic Technology offers a broad range of integration methods to simplify development efforts. Developers can select from direct or semi-integrated methods, or take advantage of Verifone’s time-saving software development kits (SDKs).

Generic Technology's POS integration solutions help retailers dramatically simplify and streamline critical aspects of their payment operations including hardware and software integration, transaction management and business logic. These solutions enhance productivity, lower costs and support fragmented industry security standards and certification requirements.